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Synergy-def:  The mutually reinforcing action of separate substances, organs, agents, etc. , which together produce an effect greater than that of all of the components acting separately.

Check It Out!

           Over the last 15 years  Ike, Mike and Shannon  have been a force in the music scene on the Florida Panhandle.  Their former band Passage is now reformed with its' three original members under the name Syn-R-G.  This new formation has created quite a stir in the club scene.  Syn-R-G's  mission each and every year is to generate more and more fans, friends and fun for all of our visitors.

        High energy, raw funk, locked grooves, and incredible raw talent takes these guys to another level of bar acts.  We are not kidding when we say they are possibly the funkiest band on planet Earth.  So feel free to browse their sight and come see for yourself  what the funk your missing!

Who Wants to Get Funked Up?



Possibly the funkiest dance band on Planet Earth!

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